Organize your Travel Bag | Cocoon Grid-It | Travel Gear Review

by Dec 4, 2016General, Tech0 comments

The Grid-It Cocoon Travel Organizer helps keep your travel bag organized and is on our list of must have travel accessories.

There simply are not enough pockets in laptop bags, backpacks, or purses to organize all our gear. Both for every day carry EDC and for traveling. My OCD required a solution. Cocoon’s Grid-It line of products comes to the rescue and claims to be your gadgets best friend. We can say with confidence it is. Grid-It consists of elastic bands in what seams like a random pattern stretched over a panel allowing of infinite configurations of all your tech. Adaptors, cables, flash drives, SD cards, business cards, headphones, external hard drives, pens, pencils, smartphones… The list is endless. Not only does Cocoon make Grid-Its in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, they also have laptops and backpacks with the technology build right in. 

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