DIY $150 Studio Recording Sound Booth | Soundproofing Acoustic Panels

by Dec 20, 2016Tools0 comments

Do you need acoustic panels or a sound booth for recording audio at home? We build one for less than $150.

A sound insulation vocal booth. These soundproof panels snap together for easy assembly.This is the build for you. In just a few hours you can have a great foldable booth with no echo. This is a modular sound booth, therefore you can make any size and with as many panels you want. While this setup is not sound proof you can easily add foam, or insulation between the moving blankets. This will drastically improve the material’s ability to absorb the sound. You can also easily add a roof.

Difficulty: Novice/Easy

1. Hack Saw (Cut PVC)
2. Table Saw (Rip down pipe) *Be careful PVC does not enjoy being ripped down.
3. Rubber Mallet
4. Misc hand tools like tape measure and screw driver for pipe clamp….

Materials per Panel
1. (4) Sticks of 1″ Sch 40 PVC Pipe
2. (4) 90 Degree Angle PVC Pipe Connectors
3. (1) Stick of 1.5″ Sch 40 PVC Pipe
4. (2) Moving Blankets
5. Big Zip Ties or Pipe Clamps
6. PVC Glue and Cleaner


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