3 Things you will never argue with your spouse about again

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We all have things our significant other does that drive us crazy. Here are 3 quick fixes that instantly removed this point of contention.

1. Leaving the exhaust fan on after a shower or never turning it on

There is nothing worst for the drywall or my sanity then a bathroom covered in water from lack of exhaust. On the other side, who wants to run the heat all day just to have it pumped outside because someone left the exhaust fan on? No one wants that. So last year I installed a humidity controlled exhaust fan. I was doubtful it was going to be worth it. Why take a home appliance that just works and add a bunch of sensors? Because it really works. Just leave the switch on “Auto” and your done. Many models allow you to adjust how long the fan runs after no humidity is sensed. Our Broan QTX110SL Ultra-Silent Bathroom fan has been installed for 18 months now and we have not had a single issue. Best of all no more wet walls or wasted heat.41WzOvdZYIL


Broan QTX110SL Ultra-Silent Bathroom fan


Broan 77DW Three Switch Multi-Function Control


2. Making coffee in the morning

Sticking to mutually agreed upon coffee brewing schedule in our house is easy. It is the followthrough that both my wife and I cannot seem to grasp. Arguing before work each day is a surefire way to add stress to your lives. The solution was simple. One of those instant single service coffee makers like the Keurig. So I order one and instant happiness. We went from arguing to making each others cups. I can make mine and be sipping away while her’s brews.



Keurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing System


3. Shutting the garage door

My purpose in life is to provide safety and security for my family. The garage door is often an overlooked. Besides the family, lets not forgot all the tools and toys in the garage. There is nothing worse than worrying all day if you made sure the garage door shut or coming home to find the garage door wide open. I am left with questions like; How long has it been open? and Is anything missing? There is any easy way to make all your buds jealous and never leave your garage door open. The Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener is not your conventional opener. This unit turns the torsion shaft to open and close the garage door. The unit is side mounted out of sight. The greatest feature this unit offers in TTL or Timer to Close. You can set your door to shut automatically after a certain amount of time. For those that are worried about safety, it beeps prior to automatically closing, has safety beams, and has torque sensing to keep from hurting children or other items the door could be closed on. A must have option is the Internet Gateway that allow you to open and close your door from your Apple or Android smart phone. It can also send you alerts when your door is open. Great for letting contractors in.



Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener


828LM LiftMaster Internet Gateway


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