Learning to longboard at 30. The greatest commute.

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After working 30 miles from home for 5 years I now work 3.5 miles from home and it changed my life. I have never been much for working out but am in decent shape. Mostly from just walking at work and working around the house. I am a 30 year old professional engineer. I wanted to find a commute that I could enjoy. Longboarding was perfect. There were a few challenges I had to overcome. I since make this commute daily, given the weather, and the 7 mile round trip is perfect. Hopefully this helps others to pick up longboarding.

[fac_icon icon=”thumbs-o-down” color=”#dd9933” color_hover=”#dd9933″] I don’t wanna smell. Won’t I sweat?

  1. Keep deodorant at the office. This is a must.
  2. Untuck your shirt when skating to help stay cool.
  3. Skin tight performance boxer briefs. No tags and no riding up.
  4. Get some lightweight pants. I wear zip-off nylon khakis. I only unzip into shorts on the way home in the heat of the day.
  5. Polyester dress polos. No wet pits.
  6. Backpack with mesh back to allow your back to breathe.

[fac_icon icon=”thumbs-o-down” color=”#dd9933″ color_hover=”#dd9933″] I don’t know what I need?

  1. Mace for dogs. Never needed to use it but you never know.
  2. Headphones or headband. It can get chilly in the morning. Air whistling in your ears can give you a mean headache. I don’t recommend skating in traffic with music playing but just putting them in will keep the air out is great.
  3. Skateboard T wrench tool
  4. Spare bearings
  5. You will be amazed by the little events you wished you had on tape. A GoPro will catch something at least once per week.
  6. Most importantly a longboard. If you need help picking one out hit your local skate shop. I prefer Sector 9 boards. Large soft wheels make even the roughest road smooth.

[fac_icon icon=”thumbs-o-down” color=”#dd9933″ color_hover=”#dd9933″] But I have never longboarded.

  1. Helmet
  2. Longboarding may seem difficult. At least it did to me. I started off riding mongo (pushing with front foot) and barely being able to get the board going. Beginner rule number 1 is to plan your ejection. When you start out you, if like I was, will not be able to stop if going at any reasonable speed. It is important to not go faster than you can run out or go into someones hard on your knees. I learned this the hard way several times. Hang tight you will pick it up quick. Practice is key. After just about 30 miles I had it down. Surprisingly I was able to give up mongo after just a couple days. After a few days, your pushing foot will most likely be very sore. It will cease after another week or so.

[fac_icon icon=”thumbs-o-up” color=”#dd9933″ color_hover=”#dd9933″] Why it is worth it

  1. It is exercise but does not feel like it.
  2. It is free transportation.
  3. It exudes confidence. I am confident that any hater is just a jealous loser.


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