Make a statement with a Caran d’Ache Pen and Pencil

by Nov 3, 2016General0 comments

Attention pencil and pen nerds! (Me included). Caran D’ache makes the writing instruments for you. The Swiss company makes the highest quality pens and pencils. I personally carry the 849 orange pen and the 844 white 0.7mm mechanical pencil. Both have  hexagonal aluminum bodies that are light and well balanced. The paint is extremely clean and smooth. For those times when I prefer 0.5mm lead I pull out my trusty Pentel Twist Erase. Simply impossible to beat for those times when you need a good eraser. The Caran D’ache uses the standard drafting eraser.

Does your pen and pencil make a statement?

Caran D’ache Ballpoint Pen Metal Orange Model 849.030 on Amazon

Caran D’ache Ballpoint Pen Metal Red Model 849.070 on Amazon

Caran D’ache Ballpoint Pen Metal Grey Model 849.005 on Amazon

Caran D’ache Ballpoint Pen Metal Green Model 849.210 on Amazon

Caran D’ache 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil Metal White Model 849.210 on Amazon

Pentel Twist-Erase III Automatic Pencil on Amazon


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