Increase iPad iPhone Storage with this MicroSD Card Adapter

by Oct 27, 2016Tech0 comments

Fix your iPad and iPhone storage issues forever with the Meenova Dash-I and Dash-I Plus. No more “Storage Almost Full” alerts. Store your photos, videos, documents, or anything else on a MicroSD Card. A seamless app makes the data transfer simple and easy. Easily transfer data from any device that uses a MicroSDcard like a GoPro or other action camera, security cameras, video cameras, Android or any other smartphone that does take a MicroSD card. Never lose or forget to pack the adapter with the silicone keychain case. Meenova offers a full line of adapters of Apple and Android Devices. Never get stuck without a charger. The Dash-I plus allows you to charge with a USB Type C. So new you can charge with your friends Android cable.

Fix your iPhone Storage Problems by getting your own?

Meenova Dash MicroSD Card Reader for USB Type C Android


Meenova Dash MicroSD Card Reader for Micro USB Android


Meenova Dash-I for Iphone & Ipad


HIOTECH Lightning to Headphone Jack + Charging Port Adapter